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Sore Throat: The Unspoken Language of the Body

“Sore Throat" is a solo exhibition by Ja that explores the profound concept of using the body as a medium for communication, offering a unique perspective on language and connection.


Within each of us lie emotions such as guilt, love, fear, joy, and anger. Releasing these emotions is vital for achieving emotional balance and forming deeper bonds with ourselves and others. Through dynamic movement and intentional postures, these emotions find pathways for expression and articulation, tapping into the unspoken language of the body that lies dormant within us all.


This exhibition translates personal experiences through the human form, delving into themes of attachment, connection, conflict, and energy dynamics. It invites viewers to embody these experiences both intellectually and viscerally. Awaken your senses, for within your body, these expressions find a voice.

Performance by Gabriella Bridgmon + Keilan Stafford

Music by Alejandro Junco

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